Hermes Kelly 28 Retourne Dalmatian Buffalo Leather Palladium Har


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Serious Hermes collectors have an eye for special materials, and this 28cm Retourne Kelly is definitely an eye catcher! Dalmatien Buffalo is a very special leather that has a two-tone grain created through multiple layers of dying. Hermes created this effect in a few different colors, but most sought after are the stark black-on-white Dalmatian's that most closely resemble their namesake dogs. Like an exotic, no two Dalmatian's are alike, and the most prized examples have small, even spots, just like this one (Cruella de Vil would certainly approve). In the 28cm size, paired with Palladium hardware and a black Chevre leather interior, this Kelly is truly a special collector's piece.

Condition: Excellent
28cm: 28x22x10cm 11"x8.5"x4"
Material: Buffalo Dalmatian Leather
Hardware: Palladium
Note: Pictured strap available separately